Frequently Asked Questions

What is KHC?

It stands for KUSCCO Housing Cooperative. KUSCCO Housing Co-operative is a Co-operative Society registered under the Co-operative Act, whose core mandate is to offer property solutions to its members.

When was KUSCCO Housing Co-operative Society formed?

Initially known as KUSCCO Housing Fund, it was founded in 1996 and later evolved into KUSCCO Housing Co-operative in 2019

How can I benefit from KHC?

One can benefit by accessing loans for outright purchase of a house, construction financing, plot purchase or house completion with attractive and stable interest rates

How do I become a member of KHC?

By filling in a membership form, paying Kshs. 3,000 as the registration fee, Kshs. 20,000 minimum share capital contribution and first monthly savings deposit Kshs. 3,000 being the minimum

Do I need guarantors to access a mortgage?

No. The form of security required is the Title Deed/Lease Certificate and the member savings of the loan applicant

Is it possible for me to withdraw my savings?

Yes. It is possible to process withdrawal of savings/refunds, after the set notice period

Can I get an instant loan?

No. One has to save with us for at least 6 months in order to become eligible to apply for a real estate development loan

Is my chama eligible to open a corporate mortgage account in KUSCCO Housing Co- operative?

Yes, it is. A chama, welfare group, investment group or a Housing/Investment Co-
operative is eligible to save with us in the hopes of fulfilling real-estate goals

If I am Kenyan living in the diaspora and would like to benefit from your services, am I entitled to becoming a member?

Yes, you are. Membership is open to all Kenyans above 18 years of age, living either in Kenya or in the diaspora

What options are there to remit my contributions?

One can pay through direct deposits/standing order/cheques/check-off system or through our Safaricom Paybill number

How do I receive updates from KHC on new investments?

Visit our webpage, We also send updates using bulk sms on a regular basis to all our members as well as our Facebook page, Kuscco Housing Cooperative Limited. | Facebook


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