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Our Products

Mortgage Division

Individual/Joint Mortgage

A product for individuals, joint membership and Kenyans in the diaspora

a) Outright House purchase mortgage;

This is a mortgage facility for outright purchase of a house for either Owner occupier or commercial purposes

b) Construction Mortgage;

A mortgage facility advanced to a member who has a plot and would wish to construct either residential house or a commercial house.

c) Plot purchase mortgage;

This loan helps to satisfy the aspirations of many Kenyans by providing access to funds that will contribute towards the purchase of a plot.

d) Equity release;

A loan product that targets individuals with existing houses/homes or property. With this, one is able to apply for financing using the existing security. The equity that is then charged to KUSCCO Housing; money is lent on the value of the equity

e) Plot buying and construction

A loan to an individual who intends to buy a plot and construct at the same time.

f)     House completion and renovation


Loan purpose Savings multiplier Max loan repayment period Interest rate
Plot Buying 4 5 12%
Owner occupier house 5 15 12.5%
Commercial houses 4 15 12.5%

All loans paid in 5 years, are at 12% p.a and loans above 5 years are at 12.5% p.a, on reducing balance


Corporate Mortgage

Loan purpose for corporates

  • Land buying for sub-division to members;

– Plot buying ;

  • Outright purchase of office blocks;
  • Construction funding, both for own use or commercial property;
  • Equity release funding;
  • Develop gated community housing projects for group members

Savings multipliers – 4 times

Loan repayment period – Maximum of 10 years

Loan security:

  • Title deed/ lease certificates
  • Member savings

Grace period : 1 month for outright purchase of a house or plot loans and 3 months on construction loans on both principal and interest

Loan Calculator:

Jumuia Mortgage

A product for Individuals who are members and wish to undertake a common
project.Either buy plot and/or construct house that will fit all member

Incremental House Construction

KHC finance members to construct homes incrementally; from the house a member needs today to a house a member wants progressively

Cyclic Mortgage

A product that offers customer convenience of repaying their mortgages in pre-agreed cycles (Bi-monthly, quarterly, semi-annually) that correspond to their income receipts

Product is suited for those in the informal sector whose income flow is varied

Construction Services

KHC offer construction service to members who take construction mortgage. The service is available for all categories of membership


A hub of all property types in Kenya. Developers and owners list their properties to attract a wider market,

both local and abroad/Diaspora


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